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  • Captain of the acting committee Thalía in my High school Menntaskólinn við Sund.

  • Travel adviser for the graduation trip in Menntaskólinn við Sund.

  • Ballet Solo competition three times in Iceland.

  • Modeling.

  • Got exepted to Trinity Laban í London, did not go because I wanted to finish High school in Iceland.

  • Danced for Helena Jónsdóttir in  here piece Vorblótið which was shown at Reykjavik Dance Festival.

  • Three times have I brought my work to Unglist. (Event for young artists to show there work).

  • Worked for the company True north on the film Oblivion as an ,,Location Accountant“ only 18 years of age.

  • Actor in two short films for Kvikmyndaskólann.

  • Actor in a music video for Kvikmyndaskólann.

  • Stage designed a short film for kvikmyndaskólinn.

  • I traveled alone for six months after High school to South-Africa, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Asia, Australia, Fiji and America.

  • Choreographed and danced in a short film for Össur, it was about the future of the company.

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