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Aníta Ísey Jónsdóttir

Anita Ísey Jónsdóttir started her dancing at the age of 3 in her grandmother’s ballet school - Ballettskóli Guðbjargar Björgvins - in Iceland. When she was 7 years old she moved to Norway, where she danced with the Norwegian Theater Opera and Ballet company, which is the biggest dance company in Norway. At the age of eight she first went to summer school where she was enrolled in the Royal Academy of London and again at the age of 10. When Aníta was 12 years old she went to the Gotland International Dance seminar summer school in Sweden. Also at the age of 12 Aníta said goodbye to the Norwegian company and moved back to Iceland.  She started working at her grandmother’s ballet school teaching ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern dance.  Aníta is a graduate of Menntaskólinn við Sund. After high school, her adventures spirit led her to travel around the world by herself for 6 months.

Aníta has also appeared in many plays and performances in Iceland including the Reykjavik Dance Festival, working with Helena Jóns.

Aníta has now been running her grandmother’s school since she was 15, putting on stage and choreographing in the Icelandic national theater borgarleikhús. She is now currently a third year student in the Iceland Academy of The Arts as a Theater and Performance Maker. also along side her study's she has choreographed and stage coordinated Miss Universe Iceland 2016 and 2017 in Gamla Bíó. in autumn 2018 aníta went as an exchange student to Belgium working again with Helena Jónsdóttir. Her projects over the five months she stayed there was production managing  a dance film festival  called physical cinema festival which was screened in Iceland spring 2019 in Bíó Paradís. Followed by that Aníta was working for the local theater Þjóðleikhúsið as an assistant director for Benedikt Erlingsson in a play called Súper- þar sem kjöt snýst um fólk by jón Gnarr.

now Aníta is currently heading for her graduation in June 2019 from the Iceland Academy of The Arts.

After graduation Aníta is taking her Masters in Project Managing with the Reykjavík University 

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